Left-lane laggers annoy some drivers but it’s not illegal

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

If you commute on the highway , you likely encounter them on a daily basis: “Left lane laggers” – Drivers who cruise in the passing lane.

As Mark Giunta reports, some provinces are cracking down on these motorists, but not here in Ontario:

It’s a common issue on Highway 7 between Peterborough and Norwood…
Motorists driving and staying in the left lane, instead of the right…

Streeter #1:
“I have a great deal of trouble with this. This issue of people idling in the left hand lane.”

Streeter #2:
“It is very frustrating. If you want to get passed, you can’t because they’re sitting there.”

Streeter #3:
“You’re supposed to stay in the right hand lane to keep traffic going. To get around the big trucks. It’s annoying.”

Annoying for some…
But illegal? No…
Kevin Covert is a driving instructor and owner of Peterborough Driving School.He says the left lane is supposed to be used for many scenarios…

Cruising is not one of them.

Kevin Covert:
“It’s not just for a pass. It’s primarily used for a pass. It’s also for the merge scenario. But if you see emergency vehicles on the right shoulder, you should move to the left.”

If you’re using the left lane and are going too slow … there is a charge police can use…

But it’s rarely enforced.

Cst. Jason Folz:
“There is a charge that is applicable for someone who hangs out in the left lane. That is fail to keep right less the normal speed. That’s subjective. What is normal speed. It’s not a tool we use often.”

BC passed a law last year…
“Left lane laggers or bandits” can face a 167 dollar fine and three demerit points.
Although here in Ontario, it’s more of a courtesy to move over to let quicker vehicles through.

“It keeps the orderly flow of traffic kind of moving. If you get over in the right lane instead of the left lane, instead of causing people frustrated people to go around you and zig zag through traffic.”

O/C — If you’re expecting Ontario to pass the same law as BC, you might have to wait awhile…
The MTO says it’s not yet known if that recent law has had the intended results.
It says it will continue to monitor the issue.
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