Warm fall weather a hit with golf enthusiasts

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Warm fall weather a hit with golf enthusiasts

It felt more like mid-August than mid-October today…¬†and that’s just fine for people who play golf.
Here’s Sarah Deeth:

For months golf courses around the region struggled under a long, hot summer sun.
Kim Morris (Lift Lock Golf Course):”In the summertime when it’s so hot, when it’s 40 plus, it may as well be raining on a golf course, it’s just too hot to golf. and there were many places that were just a ghost town because of that fact.”
Ceilia Ayotte was one of those hitting the links during the summer. And she says the experience wasn’t really up to par.
“We did a little, but I don’t think we enjoyed it as much as we did today. By the end of it we were really hot and thirsty, of course the beer went down a little better than,” she said.
But over the past several weeks there’s been a change here at the Liftlock Golf Club.
Autumn rains and cooler temperatures have turned the fairways from brown to green.
And the changing season has given PLAYER something to look at.
“The course has been in the best shape it’s been in all year, with the rain and cooler it’s really temperatures starting to grow,” Morris said.
And despite a strong wind blowing in from the southwest, Tuesday’s high of about 22 degrees brought out more than a few people hoping to get in a few more rounds in before the season ends.
“It’s just wonderful, why wouldn’t we take advantage of a day like today,” one player said.
“You have to play the weather. On a day like today, you’d be crazy not to be out if you had the chance,” another person said.
“I wouldn’t want to do anything else today. It’s just a bit hard, finding your ball with the leaves,” one woman laughed.
“I had a bad day but it’s been nice to play, get out and get¬†exercise,” one player said.
But the weather doesn’t mean an extension of Liftlock Golf’s season.
The Ashburnham Drive course closes after October 31.



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