Peterborough police lay almost 200 charges over Thanksgiving

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

Sixty-nine of the 189 charges laid by Peterborough officers over the Thanksgiving long weekend were for aggressive driving, including speeding, distracted and careless driving.

The safe-driving campaign, Operation Impact, was a national campaign aimed at making Canada’s roads the safest in the world.

As part of Operation Impact, the Peterborough Police Service conducted several traffic details that focused on distracted and dangerous driving, speeding, impaired driving and occupant restraint use. The breakdown of charges is:

  • 2 alcohol impaired driving charges
  • 0 drug impaired driving charges
  • 0 suspensions using Approved Screening Device
  • 1 distracted driving charge
  • 66 speeding charges
  • 0 follow to close charges
  • 2 unsafe lane change charges
  • 0 pass on right charges
  • 0 fail to yield charge
  • 1 careless driving charge
  • 0 seatbelt charges
  • 0 insurance charges
  • 0 driving while prohibited charges
  • 120 other Highway Traffic Act charges not listed above

“The focus for our Service year-round remains enforcement and education,” says Traffic Management Unit Sergeant Jeff Chartier. “We would like to thank all those members of our community that made the right choice and the safe choice to drive responsibly. We know that public involvement is key to achieving safe streets and highways.”

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