Boxing Day Ice Storm

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

Anyone travelling on Boxing Day this year can tell you, the weather was terrible.  Freezing rain followed by rain turned streets, roads and highways into skating rinks.  In some cases, quite literally . Steve Guthrie has the details.


Late on Christmas Day and into Boxing Day many parts of Ontario got several millimeters of freezing rain followed by rain. Ice is slippery enough but when a layer of water is added, traction takes the rest of the day off even as city work crews did their best.


John Czerniawski, City of Peterborough

“We had ice, we treated the ice with the salt, the salt was diluted by the rain and required us to re-address those conditions again”

Public works uses a number of weather resources to be prepared, as best they can, when the storm hits. Ah we use all out weather networks, our environmental forcasts we receive to help educate us as to when it’s going to hit. Each storm we have a plan of attack in place, our materials are all stocked up, trucks are ready to go on the road”


When the ice is as bad as on Boxing Day, motorists need to realize they are not equipped to deal with conditions. City trucks are but even they struggle.


John Czerniawski, City of Peterborough

“The storm possessed its own challenges to us as it did for motorists out there. Trucks equipped with tire chains, aggressive tires, differential locks, even struggled to get up hills in areas around town. ”


To help residents deal with their own boxing day ice crisis, the City of Peterborough offers free sand and salt mixture at the public works yard on Townsend street.

“Used a lot of it on that day, trying to make it a little safer:

“I’ve got a couple of rental properties make sure everyone is safe over there”

And not just in Peterborough. This plow came to grief in Port Hope due to road conditions and traffic on the 401 East at Brighton and 401 West at 407 was tangled for hours on Boxing Day due to multiple collisions.


Steve Guthrie CHEX News Peterborough

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