Former Wander/United Canadian Malt plant condominium project

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Former Wander/United Canadian Malt plant condominium project

An industrial landmark in Peterborough is about to get a new lease on life…

Two local businessmen are getting ready to turn the former Wander Foods building on Lansdowne Street into luxury lofts.

Our Steve Guthrie takes us on a tour….

The distinctive yellow brick art- deco style building was built in 1929 as the ‘A Wander Company’ makers of Ovaltine, a malted milk beverage mix. Later the company made snack foods like Poppy cock and Fiddle Faddle.  In the last few years United Canadian Malt made products for the brewing and baking industry. That company shut down Its Peterborough operations in 2015 and the building has sat empty, . -but not for much longer…

Evergreen Leasing envisions a residential commercial development on the property

JR McGee, Evergreen Leasing

“It’s our first foray into residential, we’ve done a bunch of comercial before but our first foray into residential and commercial and we’re very excited about it”

The former factory would be the centre piece of the residental development”

JR McGee, Evergreen Leasing

“We’ve had an architect walk through with us and we’re certainly going to meet with many more but one of the things they said was based on the size of the building and the structure, the structure is very sound, and based on the size, things like 20 – 25 foot ceilings would lend its way to doing things like lofts in here”

McGee SAYS the develpment of condos or apartments in the Malt building could be attractive to people tired of the big city.

JR Mcgee,Evergreen Leasing

“And those people who want to take their money out of Toronto, or Aurora or Scarborough and come down here to a nice place that’s centrally located, accessible to all the amenities around”

The commercial development would encompass vacant acreage west of the factory along Lansdowne Street.

JR McGee, Evergreen Leasing

“The city is well versed on what is around here already. We’re very positive to because the reaction from the city has been outstanding. Both Leslie Parnell, the local ward councillor was very positive about it , Brian Bouchard and the city’.

McGree says once all economic and zoning issues are dealt with ,they could possibly begin construction in 18 to 24 months.

Steve Guthrie CHEX News

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