Clear is the new black with waste bag collection in Kawartha Lakes

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Changes are coming to waste management in the City of Kawartha Lakes. Beginning in the new year, the city will launch its clear waste bag collection.

And as Greg Davis reports, residents aren’t quite on board yet:

“Clear is the new black” as the City of Kawartha Lakes launches its clear waste bag collection program on January 1st

And some Ops residents are clearly ahead of the curb…

Doug Hammill: It’s probably easier for them to sort the stuff that’s going to the landfill…I think it’s good.

Dennis Geenel: We don’t have a problem with it; we do quite a bit of recycling so it’s not much of a change for us.

Waste will have to be put in large clear garbage bags while recyclables remain in their respective bins.

The clear bag program is designed to cut costs, improve safe handling for collectors and divert more hazardous waste from landfills.

Ashley Webster, CKL communications: It’s proven to reduce it by between 5 to 10 per cent and that equates to a savings of 500 thousand dollars in saved landfill space. So it’s not only preserving the life of our city landfills but it’s also a more responsible use of our resources and a more responsible way to protect the environment.

On the city’s Facebook page, the biggest concern from residents is privacy, many believe it’s being trashed for the sake of the landfill. But the city is allowing smaller privacy bags to be placed in each of the two clear bags allowed weekly.

Ashley: A white kitchen catcher or you may want to rescue your grocery bag for this purpose.
residents can also place their waste in garbage cans for privacy at the curb until the waste is picked up.

Dennis: I can see that point but it doesn’t really bother us.

Doug: If you’re that concerned about it I guess you will have to sort it out.

Pet waste and diapers are to go in the clear bags. There’s no fine or penalty for not using clear bags or having more than 20 per cent of recyclable materials in them however collectors will tag the bags and leave them at the curb.

Ashley: Is anyone going to be picking up your bag and spending 10 minutes deciding? Absolutely not. The collectors will do a quick visual assessment and looking for hazards. If they can see that the resident has clearly made an effort to recycle that the bag is not filled with recyclable items then the bag will be collected.

Black bags of waste will be accepted at landfills until March 31 or unwanted black bags can be recycled in the blue bins

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