Vacationers head south as temperatures drop

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Vacationers head south as temperatures drop

We’ve got a long way to go until the first day of spring. And for some that means a trip to warmer temperatures may be in order.  Sarah Deeth takes a look at what’s available for those hoping to take a break from winter:

Wednesday’s dropping temperatures and strong winds had some of us wanting to swap out this….
For this.
“I’d rather the heat then the cold,” one woman said.
“If I was going to travel somewhere at this point in the year, I’d probably go somewhere warm, get away from this kind of thing,” another man said.
And that’s what makes January a busy time for travel agents.
“January’s kinda one of those months where we come back after our extra days off over the holidays and we just know we’re not going to see the light of day now until May.”
Those who are well organized booked their winter vacations in the fall, taking advantage of early-bird deals.
But there are still savings to be found for anyone looking to book last minute.
“Our typical top three are generally Cuba, the Dominican and Mexico, primarily because they’re not long flights to get to, wonderful all inclusive resorts,” Empey said.
And while the promise of beaches, and pool side drinks sounds fantastic,
not everyone’s willing to trade in this cold for a warm sun.
“I think I would do a ski vacation for sure. I love skiing,” one woman said.
“I’d rather the cold, personally. I’m a very hot blooded person, I don’t like the heat,” another man said.
Wherever you go, you do have to contend with a low Canadian dollar.
Travel officials say that doesn’t have to much of an impact on places like Mexico, but it is impacting trips to the United States.
“To places like Disney and different cities in the US, it’s not just that we’re not selling it, we are, it’s just that consumers are more aware of what they’re spending,” Empey said.
And no matter what you’re budget or preferred destination,
Empey says they can find someplace for everyone.
“For you to get away, and get away from the snow, the ice and shoveling.”

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