Peterborough’s “Grumpy Cat” finds a new home

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Peterborough's "Grumpy Cat" finds a new home

He may just be Peterborough’s version of Grumpy Cat. Earlier this week images of a pouty-faced feline at the Peterborough Humane Society appeared online…
And the ensuing attention meant some good news for this kitty. Sarah Deeth explains:

Don’t let his sour expression fool you…
Prince is all heart.
Pictures of Prince’s furrowed brow and stern demeanor took the Internet by storm, quickly drawing comparisons between Prince and Internet sensation Grumpy Cat.
And that exposure led to some good news for this cat.
After a month in the shelter, Prince is going home.
“He’s beautiful. We have a Himalayan at home and he’s part Persian, so he’ll fit in,” adopter Trudy Cureton said.
Prince’s adoption signals a rare event at the Peterborough Humane Society…
Almost all of the cats have been adopted from the shelter, after a holiday adoption blizt foudn homes for over 170 cats.
Though a few guys, like Lenny, and Chase here, are still hoping to follow in Prince’s paw prints.
And before he heads home, Prince is getting microchipped.
“He’s gone home with that identifier and if he should ever go astray hopefully somebody picks him up or he comes back to the PHS and we get him back to his owner ASAP,” Humane Society executive director Andrew Fraser said.

The Humane Society says that and it’s cat licensing program, which came into effect January 1, helps lost pets find their way back.
And the organization says it’s been inundated with cat owners trying to licence their pets.
So much so that the organization is installing a second phone line to accommodate all those requests.
“We do appreciate folks, right now, the patience that they’ll show us as they’re trying to get their licence for their dog or cat. We are making some adjustments to better accommodate folks,” Fraser said.
As for Prince, his new family doesn’t see the grumpy cat comparison.
Just a new friend coming home with them.
“He’s beautiful,” his new owner said.



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