Work begins on the Peterborough County Agricultural Heritage Building Project

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Work begins on the Peterborough County Agricultural Heritage Building Project

Shovels are in the ground at Lang Pioneer Village Museum preparing to ‘Raise the Barn’. As Steve Guthrie tells us, construction of the Peterborough County Agricultural Heritage Building is very much a community project.

The Heritage Building at Lang Pioneer village will be a place where visitors will learn about the history of agriculture and its continuing importance to the County of Peterborough. The idea of creating the facility has been around for over 10 years.

Karen Jopling, County of Peterborough

“In 2006 at the International Plowing match, which was very successful and they endowed money to the County of Peterborough and said use this money for education within the agricultural area and have a place to showcase that”

The site chosen for the heritage building at Lang has bedrock about a meter below the surface. Staff from Cambium Environmental were on site Friday doing tests on what’s called the bedrock plate.

Jim Glenn, Building committee Chair

“So we have to make sure the plate is sound, it can be shaley or crumbly, and possibly not a solid site so we’re doing six or seven test holes to make sure it is a solid plate for us to continue on our project.”

As well as Cambium, Glenn says a number of other companies in the communities  have stepped up to help out with the construction project

Jim Glenn

“We’ve had a couple of trucking companies phone offering to help Daryl Drain and myself out on bringing product in on a voluntary basis and we really really appreciate that.”

Karen Jopling

“Our project needs to be done, mostly completed by March 31 but our end goal is July 1, 2017 which is very significant,¬†¬† as it’s Canada’s 150th Birthday but its also Lang Pioneer Villages 50th Anniversary.”

Jopling says the 2 million dollar project was supported by a 970 thousand dollar Canada Cultural Spaces Fund. The total raised now stands at 1 point 6 million dollars. For more information about the Peterborough county agricultural Heritage building project visit

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