Local benefactor sponsors free coffee for Kindness Day

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

An anonymous benefactor is buying free coffee for people in Peterborough Tuesday.

To honour the province’s first Common Kindness Day, an anonymous local sponsor has made it possible for Kyoto Coffee in Peterborough to offer free coffee.

Tuesday, Kyoto Coffee will give away 100 coffees (or tea) to the first patrons through the door on Tuesday from 7:30 a.m. onward. The complimentary caffeine hit comes with just one simple catch: each person to receive a free coffee is asked to pay the kindness forward to another local.

The local benefactor founded the unofficial holiday Common Kindness Day to encourage Ontarians to appreciate the small acts of kindness that happen every day and pay them forward to others in their community.

“We created Common Kindness Day because we firmly believe in the kindness of strangers and the importance of creating strong community bonds,” the mystery benefactor said. “We’ve collaborated with some of the best independent coffee shops across Ontario to kick-start the acts of goodwill by buying patrons their morning brew. It will be exciting to see how the acts of kindness ripple throughout the province after that.”

“This day is about bolstering community spirit and paying it forward. Everyone who receives a free beverage is encouraged to find a way to pay that small kindness forward – treat another stranger to their cup of coffee, or find some other way to make someone’s day a little brighter. Whatever people choose to do, we only hope that they do it with kindness.”

What:            Common Kindness Day: 10 coffee shops across Ontario will give away 100 coffees or tea to patrons (with a limit of one beverage per person).

When:           Tuesday, January 10 from open until supplies run out


  • Alexandria: The Quirky Carrot – 1 Main Street South
  • Barrie: Bean Counter – 49 Dunlop Street
  • Belleville: Brake Room – 34 Dundas Street East
  • Cornwall: The Grind – 35 Second Street
  • Lindsay: Boiling Over’s Coffee Vault – 148 Kent Street West
  • Midland: Grounded Coffee – 292 King Street
  • Ottawa Centre: Origin Trade Café – 111 York Street
  • Perth: Coutts Coffee – 57 Gore Street
  • Peterborough: Kyoto Coffee – 2621 Lakefield Road
  • Whitby: 3 Steps Up Café – 605 Brock Street

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