Meyers Transport Ltd shutting down its operation

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Meyers Transport Ltd shutting down its operation

After 90 years in the trucking business Meyers Transport Ltd is shutting down its operations next week.

Chair Natalie Meyers says the economic challenges in the last decade have been a major factor in their decision to dismantle the company.
The shipping company’s headquarters are in located in Belleville but have operations here in Peterborough, along with locations in Ottawa, Brockville, Mississauga and Quebec.
At the Peterborough headquarters, some people have lost their jobs already.
27 jobs in all will be cut including 18 drivers, dock workers and some administrative staff.
Meyers says Mosaic Logistics will continue to operate in Peterborough at the Crawford Drive location and it will owned and operated by Jaquie Meyers.

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