Passenger ejected in tractor trailer crash near Brighton

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Passenger ejected in tractor trailer crash near Brighton

For the second time in three days, road conditions on Canada’s busiest highway have been treacherous.
A section of the 401 was closed today near Brighton after a tractor trailer jackknifed.
One person has serious injuries after they were ejected from the truck.
Mark Giunta reports.

It happened on highway 401 just west of Brighton around the noon hour Monday…
A tractor trailer headed westbound, lost control, jackknifed and ended up in the ditch.
A passenger in the truck was ejected from the vehicle.
And was airlifted to a Toronto Hospital with serious injuries.

This is the third major collision on the 401 in this part of the province in the last 3 days.
On Saturday, further to the west near Bowmanville it started with one car losing control… turns into a nightmare scenario…
car after car collide..
Luckily there were no serious injuries.

And just down the highway near Grafton.
Three people were taken to hospital Saturday including a police officer after a three car crash near the Lyle Street exit.
But the snowy conditions are a warning of what’s to come…

Rob Kuhn is a severe weather meteorologist with Environment Canada.
“The worst of it will hit during the morning rush Tuesday – very sloppy, slow, snowy.”

We’re expecting upwards of 15 centimetres of snow for the morning commute.
And in this weather, you’re reminded to slow down.

Constable Jason Folz – Peterborough County OPP:
“As we saw on the weekend, conditions can change very quickly. Still winter driving road conditions remain in-effect and everyone needs to drive accordingly.”

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