Peterborough man thanks Ontario Power Generation emergency responders for saving his life

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Peterborough man thanks Ontario Power Generation emergency responders for saving his life

A group of emergency staff at Darlington Nuclear is being hailed as heroes after they saved the life of a Peterborough man. As Steve Guthrie reports, it was thanks to medical training, quick response and some luck

Rita Conlin

“They are just amazing people, all of them, I refer to them as Mike’s Angels”

Rita’s husband, Mike Conlin was driving home from work at the Darlington plant November 6 when he suffered a massive heart attack and ended up in the ditch. Luckily security guards Jule Metcalf and Ben Stipe were also leaving work for the day, right behind him

Ben Sipe

“I saw one of my co-workers scrambling around the vehicle what I could see was a man in the vehicle reclined in his seat and as I approached closer I could see my co-worker, Julie, she notified me the man was in distress and that 911 had been called and I just came up to do my part to assist.”

Troy Brady

“I managed the airway while Ben from the security department started CPR. I could hear the sirens in the background I knew our emergency response team was en route”

Danielle Shank,

“I could see that they were working on him, his shirt was already undone and open, ready for us, right.  So I stopped the vehicle, jumped out, grabbed the defib and ran to where he was, opened up the defib, slapped the pads on him and started CPR, let the machine do it’s thing, right, and it advised me to shock, so I shocked him and continued cpr till the paramedics got on scene”

Conlin underwent open heart suregry in Toronto.

When he came out of surgery his doctor said his survival was a team effort.

Mike and his family got to meet his rescuers at a ceremony recently at the plant in Darlington.  He wanted to thank them for being trained and ready to help and for saving his life

Mike Conlin, survivor

“If you have CPR training, obviously it helped  me, which if you know how to use it, they not only had it, they knew how to use it, actually they broke a few ribs but that’s the way you have to do it”

Danielle Shank,

“It’s rewarding, it really is, to  know that he was able to be there Christmas morning with his family is something for you to ponder and think about, right?”

Troy Brady

“That event that day was perfect, it was a textbook example of how the chain of survival works with the early 911 call, the early intervention of CPR, then the outside agencies taking over then getting him to the hospital for treatment”

Steve Guthrie CHEX News Peterborough

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