Knitters saving babies’ lives one stitch at a time

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Hooks and Needles – a popular knitting club in Kawartha Lake has expanded with a new chapter in Lakefield which started last month. And members have been asked to get creative for a project aimed at saving the lives of babies worldwide.
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(At Lakefield Baptist Church)

Sheila Vespaziani learned to knit at age 5 but she last stitched more than a decade ago

Shelia:  It just all came back – like falling off a horse.

She’s among a dozen members of the new Lakefield chapter of Hooks and Needles – a group which originated in Lindsay last June.

On Tuesday, longtime Lindsay resident Lynda Chessman introduced a project to put their stitching skills to good use. They’ve been asked to knit anti-pneumonia jackets, beanies and blankets for premature babies in Canada and two dozen impoverished countries.

Lynda: Babies and children are dying from fatal pneumonia. they need these live saving inter-preventions in order to help them.

Since June Kawartha Lakes knitters have made created than 830 items. They’ll be shipped overseas by Canadian Food for Children, a registered charity in theGTA.

Lynda: They really need to know that every stitch they are doing is actually saving lives.

Vespaziani was keen to help – having already made 7 vests and 3 beanies in the month since she resumed knitting.

Sheila: It’s a really good program and i thoroughly believe in it. anything we can do to help is wonderful.

There’s a pattern of sentiment in the room:

Marilyn Hayward: It’s a challenge and that’s good. sometimes depending on the pattern i have to reverse them because I’m lefthanded knitter so the patterns don’t come in left handed directions but that’s OK.

And it’s satisfying to see the product you end up with.

Chessman hopes to keep the ball rolling with 1000 knitted items by mid-April. She encourages new members and donations knitters can also work at their own leisure from home instead of attending the monthly meeting.

Lynda: The need was presented to our church and i responded very gratefully and it’s just grown and grown.
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For  more information on Hooks and Needles, call Chessman at 705-340-5656

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