UPDATED: Monsef named Minister of Status of Women

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
UPDATED: Monsef named Minister of Status of Women

Maryam Monsef is out as Minister of Democratic Institutions.
Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shuffled his cabinet, naming Monsef as the new Minister of Status of Women.
Mark Giunta reports.

Maryam Monsef has new set of responsibilities within Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet.
Ending a more than two year stint as the Minister of Democratic Institutions.

In a statement, Monsef says “Working to achieve gender equality is a core priority for this government and I intend to continue and build on the good work of my colleague, Minister Patty Hajdu”

David Sheinin:
“This is a demotion in the sense that there is no pressing business before this committee. There is nothing politically sensitive on the agenda, despite it being an important portfolio.”

Monsef was in the spotlight with the democratic reform portfolio.
Holding meetings from coast-to-coast and launching an online survey for electoral reform..
Although it also came with negative attention…
Including when she publicly dismissed the work of the special all party committee tasked with finding alternatives to our current voting system.

Monsef in December:
“Mr. Speaker, while they didn’t complete the hard work we had expected them to…”

She apologized for those comments the next day.
With her new role in cabinet, Monsef will be responsible for overseeing a portfolio for equality for women…
Including narrowing the wage gap between women and men and making progress in introducing women to male dominant workforces, such as skilled trades.

Maxine Mann – Dean of the School of Trades and Technology at Fleming College:
“We are seeing an increase, it’s not huge. We’ve gone from 1% in the province to 5%. Here at Fleming, we range between 8 and 12 percent, in all our trades and technology courses being women.”

The portfolio also includes initiatives to address violence against women.

Lynn Zimmer – Executive Director of YWCA Peterborough:
“Those are all things I look forward to meeting with our minister about and talking about. We are happy and proud to have her have that responsibility.”

Monsef will be in the riding on Wednesday night.
She will take part in a political panel hosted by the Women’s Business Network.


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