Redevelopment plans for former City of Peterborough Public Works yard

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Redevelopment plans for former City of Peterborough Public Works yard

A new OHL arena, a convention centre, hotel and train station are all elements of plan for the redevelopment of the public works yard in Peterborough.  The concept was commissioned by Mayor Daryl Bennett and as Steve Guthrie reports, represents a collection of possibilities rather than a bricks and mortar plan.

The concept plan was commissioned from Lett Architects by Mayor Bennett to illustrate possible uses for the soon-to-be vacated  works yard on Townsend Street.  One of the features is a combined hotel and convention centre, something many say the city has needed for a long time

Daryl Bennett

“Your community sort of grows into those sorts of things, it fits, it fits well, its certainly a great location for it and its a great drawing card for other activities in the community”

Other features include an opened up Jackson creek, an OHL hockey arena, and a new train station to take advantage of a proposed new passenger train service.

Michael Gallant, Architect

“Imagine the rail connection coming through, people coming to visit Peterborough, and having major civic spaces like an OHL arena, a convention centre, a major hotel and condominiums creates a new hub to flank Market Hall and City hall on the other end of the downtown”

Gallant goes on to say while Peterborough has yet to feel development pressure from a growing GTA, bringing forth concepts like this allows the city time to think what will be needed when that does happen.

Michael Gallant

“We have the ability to learn from other jurisdictions, what they did wrong and what they did right. And I think looking at concepts like this, some broad stroke ideas generates discussion about what could happen in the future”

Daryl Bennett

“It may not come to fruition but its certainly the right approach to be taken to re-purpose some of those downtown properties”

Bennett used $3000 from his office budget to pay for the plan. It has yet to be presented to city council.

Steve Guthrie CHEX News Peterborough

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