Hundreds turn out for Trudeau town hall in Peterborough

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Hundreds turn out for Trudeau town hall in Peterborough

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spent most of the day in our neck-of-the-woods today…
It was part of national “town hall” tour — where he wants to reconnect with Canadians.
In Peterborough, he spent two hours answering residents’ questions.
Our Mark Giunta was at the Evinrude Centre and has this report.

It was certainly a warm welcome for the Prime Minister on a frosty day in Peterborough.
Justin Trudeau was here for a town hall style meeting, where he wanted to hear from Canadians.
And while there were many lighthearted questions.

Kid: “Why did you want to be Prime Minister?”

There were some more pressing topics.
Like when Buckhorn-area resident and single mother Kathy Katula, who works 75 hours a week to make ends meet, spoke to Trudeau.
“How is it justified for you to ask me to pay a carbon tax, when I only have 65 dollars left of my paycheque left to feed my family… I’m asking you to fix our hydro system!”

“One of the things we are doing with putting a price on carbon, we are leaving it up to the provinces to determine whether a carbon tax, a levy or cap and trade system is right for them. We won’t be taking any money out of the jurisdictions that pay them.”

Trudeau also answered several questions about immigration, climate change and pipelines.
One comment he made regarding pipelines instantly sparked anger from politicians in Alberta.

“You can’t make a choice between what’s good for the environment or what’s good for the economy. We can’t shutdown the oilsands tomorrow. We need to phase them out. We need to manage the transition off of our dependence of fossil fuels.”

That response upset Wildrose and Progressive Conservative leaders in Alberta.
After the town hall meeting, Trudeau held a media availability where he was asked repeatedly about his recent vacation to Aga Khan’s private island.
The subject of what might now be an investigation by the ethic’s commissioner.

“I’ve said a number of times, this was a family vacation. Any questions that the ethic’s commissioner might have or Canadians might have, we are happy to engage with.”

The Prime Minister rounded out the day with stops in Toronto and London.

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