Trudeau visit creates a buzz in Bewdley

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

Prior to his town hall meeting in Peterborough, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a quick stop in Bewdley.
Greg Davis has more on his visit to the community on Rice Lake:

There was a buzz in Bewdley as folks waited for the arrival of the Prime Minister early Friday morning.

“Looking forward to meeting him,…hoping to get a picture with him, a selfie.”

“I’m excited to see him. He’s similar to me…same age. His wife teaches yoga, I teach yoga.”
Greg (background): What do you want to say to the prime minister?

“Do you want to be my friend?”

Justin Trudeau arrived to cheers outside Rhino’s Roadhouse restaurant, greeted by Northumberland-Peterborough South Liberal MP Kim Rudd.

Rudd: The prime minister wanted to come to a place where he could just organically meet with people and chat with folks.

And chat he did as made his way through the cramped restaurant… meeting patrons… holding babies… and of course taking selfies…

Group: Yeah we got a picture with him…yeah me too.

Trudeau also signed some autographs and even Gary Brown’s guitar… adding his name next to his mother Margaret’s and others.

Gary: April Wine, The Tea Party, Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, lots of people..

Last month Trudeau’s approval rating fell to 55 per cent – the lowest since his win in the 2015 federal election.

But those at Rice Lake say not to fret.

“I was a great fan of his father and i think hes doing a good job.”

“I think hes keeping some of his promises and he’s working on them. He’s doing a good job.”

Before leaving, Trudeau thanked Rhino owner Dave Austin for rebuilding the restaurant which was destroyed by fire in September 2015.
Dave: It was pretty cool for this community. It was great for restaurant. Great guy, wery social…what would you like to add.

Susan Austin (Dave’s wife): And good looking….in person…wow…

Dave: Yeah the women really like that guy…

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