Brown slams Liberal gas plan

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Brown slams Liberal gas plan

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown says the province’s $100-million plan to expand natural gas access to rural and northern communities is smoke and mirrors, and that the Liberal government actually doesn’t “believe in natural gas” expansion despite the recent funding announcement.

Brown says the Wynne cabinet has announced announced money for natural gas expansion at least twice before and failed to follow through.

patrick-brown-on-nat-gas-mp4-00_00_43_20-still001Brown says he, on the other hand, supports the expansion. The question of giving more residents access to natural gas has become increasingly important in the wake of rising costs of alternate energy sources such as oil, electricity and propane.

The government estimates that switching from electricity to natural gas could save consumers $1,500 a year, while switching from oil to natural gas could save the average consumer $1,100 a year.

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