Man flees police, throws iPod under cop car

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

Police arrested a 29 year old man after a short chase Thursday morning.

Officers say they came across a man on a bicycle who was wanted by police. The suspect allegedly fled on his bike, and threw a stolen ipod under a police car . . . before tossing the bike and running away. When police caught the man, they retrieved 650-dollars worth of stolen merchandise taken from vehicles. The bicycle was also stolen.

Daniel Laundry – charged.

Man arrested for assault after returning to party
A Peterborough man who was allegedly asked to leave a party after a person arrived who he wasn’t supposed to be around . . . is facing an assault charge. Police say the man initially left, but returned and assaulted the other male.

19 year old Max Murphy chanrged.

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