“There’s nobody missing her more than I miss her” – Watson told police

Peterborough, ON, Canada / CHEX TV

The Crown on Tuesday wrapped up its case against Andrew Watson – the man who is accused of first degree murder and criminal harassment in the disappearance of Lise Fredette in November 2014.

On Tuesday jurors saw a video of Watson’s interview with police the day after was arrested. It was conducted by OPP Staff Sgt. Scott Johnston at the Peterborough Police Service detachment.

The Crown alleges the 78-year-old man killed Fredette after months of stalking her when their relationship ended in 2014. In September of that year he was warned by police to stay away from her.

But Fredette’s body has never been found despite numerous searches.

The jury has heard evidence that her blood was found in the driveway of her home and on a shovel found in Watson’s house and on Watson’s vehicle. They also heard that Watson was often seen across the street from her home at nights and he left her letters and loaves of bread.

Watson – a native of Scotland – moved to Peterborough in 1995. He told police he kept to himself at his Payne St. house most of the time and was an avid reader and didn’t own any technology such as a phone, TV or internet. He had a number of jobs including as an MNR clerk.

He said he didn’t know what happened to Fredette who was last seen leaving Walmart on Chemong Road where she worked.

Watson said he did everything for Fredette but said she had a compulsion to argue over the simplest of things including him wearing jeans on his birthday – the day they broke up.

The Defence is expected to present its case on Thursday. Closing arguments in the case may take place early next week.

Full interview:

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