ICYMI – TMS April 11

Peterborough, ON, Canada / CHEX TV
ICYMI - TMS April 11

tu-tms-kate-wells-int-apr11-mp4-00_03_31_18-still001Kate Wells is a mother and wife, and fierce advocate for autism awareness. She’s become known in Peterborough for using social media to chronicling the love and complications of raising a child with autism. Wells is one of five guest speakers at the annual “Peterborough Speaks” series which raises fund for the Greater Peterborough Health Services Foundation, specifically Family Health Teams. “Peterborough Speaks”  takes place April 19th at The Market Hall.

tu-tms-roger-self-int-apr11-mp4-00_02_36_27-still002Roger Self discovered that his collection of articles, photos and stories from the golfing community of Peterborough was of great interest to a local author: one, Ed Arnold. The two have collaborated on a book of local golf stories and will launch their efforts at, where else? A golf course. Kawartha Golf a& Country Club, to be exact, Wednesday April 12, 4 – 6 p.m. Roger Self, a Peterborough & District Sports Hall of Fame inductee (for… yes… golf) shares the story of becoming ‘an author’ and seeing Peterborough’s gold history go from boxes of papers to a bound book.

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