Fine, probation for man responsible for friend’s toddler’s death

Peterborough, ON, Canada / CHEX TV
Fine, probation for man responsible for friend's toddler's death

A Quebec driver has been sentenced after claiming responsibility for a crash on Highway 401 that claimed the life of a friends toddler nearly two years ago.

According to Northumberland News, Ary-Ach Alhabo, 36, was fined $2,200 and placed on 15 months probation Monday after pleading guilty to one count of careless driving. A Cobourg court heard that in July 2015, his family and another group were in separate vehicles when one vehicle pulled over due to engine problems. Alhabo tried to tow the car to a nearby gas station, but when he veered back onto the highway, both vehicles were rear-ended by a pick-up truck.

A 16-month old toddler in one car later died of his injuries. Alhabo also suffered serious injuries.

Court heard he is still haunted by the tragedy but remains close friends with the toddler’s family.

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