Cycling for mental health at Ride Don’t Hide

Peterborough, ON, Canada / CHEX TV
Cycling for mental health at Ride Don't Hide

The community is invited to hop on their bike and ride for mental health.

On June 25th at Nicholls Oval in Peterorough, the local branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association will again host the “Ride Don’t Hide” event. It raises funds to help a program which assists children in learning about their own mental well-being.

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Event launch highlights:

Rob Seguin is ready to cycle again for mental health – riding in memory of his brother christopher who died by suicide last January

Seguin: Perhaps if he had talked it about it more and admitted that he needed some he might not have ended up doing what he did.

The program director at the 101.5 The Wolf and Fresh Radio will be among the cyclists for the national “Ride Don’t Hide” on June 25th – an event focused on helping the end of stigma of mental illness.

Seguin: I think we are very fortunate to be working in the media where we can bring awareness to the important issues that affect so many families in our community and this is certainly one of them so its great to be able to extend that help to those who need it.

Funds raised will support the local CMHA branch’s Kids on the Block program.
It uses puppets to talk to kids up to grade 6 about issues that could affect their mental health.

Ryan Luscombe: Studies show that children who can talk about their problems are more likely to grow up happy kids and that’s what we want

The program covers a range of topics such as bullying, divorce, active living and mental well-being.

Luscombe: And helping children to understand that this is stuff that’s OK to talk about – that mental health, things that are bothering you and upsetting you that are difficult to talk about are important to talk about.

Another returning rider will be Jim Rainey who was last year’s top fundraiser with $1,550 in pledges.

Rainey: I just thought this morning every time I get on this old thing it’s like I’m a teenager again.
I just get that exhilaration.

Seguin is aiming for $1,000 again to help the non-funded program which helped reach 11,000 area children last year.

Luscombe: Hopefully this year we will get close to that number again and next year who knows the sky is the limit
Last year 180 riders raised $18,000. Organizers this year are aiming for 250 riders and $25,000.
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