Fight to save former Hastings ballpark heading to OMB hearing

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Fight to save former Hastings ballpark heading to OMB hearing

The future of the former ball park in the Village of Hastings may now be decided by the province.
That’s after a last-ditch effort to avoid an Ontario Municipal Board hearing was rejected by Trent Hills council on Tuesday morning.

Greg Davis has more:

Hector Macmillan: I’m quite satisified that you’re taking us to the OMB… we will see you there.

Trent Hills Mayor Hector Macmillan says any future talk of the former Hastings ball park will now take place at an Ontahectorrio Municipal Board hearing – not at another public meeting.

Macmillan: And to this date you’re the only one I’ve heard from that’s opposed to it.

Not so argues Hastings resident Dennis Forbes who last this winter presented a petition of 300 signatures opposing the rezoning of the land along Bridge and Front streets. The site was declared surplus a decade ago after an ice storm caused extensive damage.

Despite the public concerns, in March Trent Hills council approved rezoning for a dozen town house style bungalows and a two storey duplex.

On Tuesday Forbes suggested further discussion with the developer, town frobesplanner and the Hastings Revitalization Association

But the mayor rejected that idea

Macmillan: You’re asking us to go back redo something that we’ve already done simply because you moved here before the property sold. That’s what it comes down to

Forbes said he was simply making a last ditch effort to avoid an OMB hearing.

Forbes: It would have been great to clear the air and get any concerns covered off.

Deputy Mayor Robert Crate noted developer Edward Lee has conceded some land to maintain a nearby playground. Crate argued it’s unfair to force someone to jump through hoops to do business with the township.

Crate: I don’t think I would want to buy a piece of property and have somebody else tell me how I’m going to build on it.


Eight-year Hastings resident Lynn Rogers says the park – donated more than a century ago – is still used for community events. She says residents only learned of its potential sale last fall

Rogers: Whether it gets developed or not isn’t the question – it’s the engagement of the community that has been lacking

Forbes says he left Tuesday’s meeting disappointed with council and now awaits a date for the OMB hearing.

Forbes: When we do go to the OMB there should be no question in their that there was an attempt made on my part to try to find a common ground.


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