Relief in sight for Minden Hills flood victims

Peterborough, ON, Canada / CHEX TV
Relief in sight for Minden Hills flood victims

Some relief is in sight for flood victims in Minden Hills. It comes from Mother Nature, the Lions Club and the province. Greg Davis has more:

mo-06-pkg-minden-flood-help-mxf-00_02_20_14-still005Brigitte Gall’s boat has become the Anson Street taxi – carrying neighbours to dry land and her kids to the bus stop.

Gall: We jokingly say to friends that we are living on an island – on the lovely shores of Lake Anson. We are in an old farm house so we are just high enough so as long as the sump pump keeps working we will be OK.

the same can’t be said for dozens of residents whose homes are left swamped by the Gull River.
There was some reprieve over the weekend as levels dropped by more than 5 centimeters

Gall: The frustration – and I understand it – is the not knowing. We don’t know if it’s crested but we hear the lakes above us are still high so we wait.

Residents haven’t had to wait for support. Donations continue to pour in, including a
US $10,000 emergency grant from the Lions Club International Fund.

David Mills, Lions District 16 governor: It will be used for essential needs such as food, clothing, water, blankets, medical supplies and personal hygiene.


It’s the second time Minden has received the LCIF grant. The first time was following the major flooding of 2014.  Mills – the District 16 governor – applied in advance as concerns for flooding rose again. and clubs all over are offering help.

Colleen Mewah, Minden Lions Club president:  All the clubs are supporting us – I’m constantly answering emails and phone calls.

Mills: That’s what Lions do – we work together to help our communities.

Aid is also coming from the province. Late Friday municipal affairs minister Bill Mauro toured Minden and announced that residents can now apply for disaster relief assistance.

The new Ontario Disaster Assistance Relief Program replaces the previous system in which a community had to for money for matching funding.

Gall welcomes the change and hopes the system includes pre-loaded debit cards

Gall: I would have tomo-06-pkg-minden-flood-help-mxf-00_00_24_20-still002 stress again to the province that this is one of those critical pieces.
especially in a community like this where people have to make a choice between putting gasoline in their generators or paying their grocery bill. that small amount even if it was $200 makes a world of difference to people who are in this situation.

As for gall’s daughters, they’ll ride the waves to the bus for a little while longer

Girls: Only us basically because we are the only kids on the street.


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