Brighton battling flooding as Lake Ontario reaches record level

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Brighton battling flooding as Lake Ontario reaches record level

Despite the warmer weather, Lake Ontario water levels are now the highest in recorded history.
And the rising water is causing flooding for lakeshore communities including in the Municipality of Brighton.

Residents with concerns or seeking assistance can visit or call 613-967-8707.

Greg Davis was in Brighton on Wednesday and has this report:




Janelle Burn’s rented house is now an island … and carp are visiting to spawn on her front lawn

Janelle: Not until a few days ago but they’re all over

The Harbour Street home is among 20 in Gosport that are seriously threatened by the rising water level of Lake Ontario.

Now at nearly 76 metres or 249 feet – the lake is the highest it has been in a century – since records on it began

The flooding is déjà vu for longtime Bay Street resident Cyril Maclelann who recalls the washed out road several decades ago.

Cyril: And it’s the same again. If we didn’t have these sandbags we would be in trouble.

More than 22,000 sandbags have been distributed around the lake shore. Volunteer Jesse Fraser has spent a week trying to protect homes.

Jesse: We are still trying to get the water out hopefully we can slow it. You can’t stop it but you can control it.

Toronwe-sequence-01-00_00_36_18-still005to’s Henry Overholt praised Northumberland area firefighters who sandbagged his Bay Street cottage to keep the water out. In 50 years on the lake he’s never seen the level this high.

Overholt: We are hoping the water will recede to get back to our regular life but the way things are now you never know whats going to happen you cant predict the weather. Just have to be beware always.

The Municipality of Brighton says 4 dozen homes are threatened by the water. The CAO is waiting for a decision on possible disaster relief assistance.

Bill Watson: Too early to figure that out yet. I have beem in contact with the province. I’m not exactly sure is going to happen.

Volunteer Pavvo Kivsto says concerns now include potential storms or high winds that could cause further flooding.we-sequence-01-00_00_29_15-still004

Kivsto: The lake starts acting like a bathtub with the water sloshing back and forth and that could with breaches of sandbag walls and stuff.

And that’s not reassuring for burns who is now considering evacuation for her family of 5.

Janelle: We are kind of on the fence about it right now…trying to stay optimistic that maybe it will just go down but people keep telling us its not going to. So leaving is an option at this point.

Homeowners with we-sequence-01-00_01_07_19-still006concerns or needing assistance can visit or call 613-967-8707.


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