ICYMI – TMS May 17

Peterborough, ON, Canada / CHEX TV
ICYMI - TMS May 17

paul-heaven-int-may17-mp4-00_02_08_13-still002A grant has been given to Haliburton Highlands land trust to monitor and determine local bat populations.  Species have seen a tremendous decline in population in the last 10 years. This is a global problem and is mainly due to “White Nose Syndrome,” it is a fungus that affects bats while they are in their hibernation period. Officials have seen a 95 – 100 % loss in certain species. Species that once had thriving populations are now considered endangered. Paul Heaven heads up the observation project and joined us in studio to discuss the issue.

stick-and-tones-int-may17-mp4-00_02_03_21-still001On Saturday, May 20th the “For Love of Country” Music Festival will take place in Peterborough – proceeds are headed to the organization “Produce for Veterans.” A number of musical acts will perform including the band “Sticks ‘n Tones,” they joined us in studio for a preview of the festival and their new single.

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