Foul play ruled out in muskrat’s injuries: OPP

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Foul play ruled out in muskrat's injuries: OPP



Police have ruled out any criminal behaviour in connection to an severely injured muskrat that was found in Gores Landing earlier this week.

On May 15th, a Port Hope woman was fishing when she saw a group of “laughing” teens throw a diaper box into the water. Inside was a muskrat with the sides of its mouth cut and top two teeth broken.

The animal was taken to Soper Creek Wildlife rescue but “george-2George” succumbed to its injuries two days later.

Police investigated and identified a mid-sized 4-door blue sedan drove into the boat launch area on Plank Road with three teenage occupants – two females and a male driver.

On Friday morning, Northumberland OPP stated they had identified the three youth. Police determined the youth had discovered the injured muskrat at the shoreline earlier in the day and had taken it home.

Police stated a parent attempted to contact a local animal shelter but had no success. On the parent’s advice, the youth returned the animal back to the shoreline in a box lined with a towel “in the hopes its mother would find it and nurse it back to health,” police said.

“Police are not ruling out that the injuries sustained by the muskrat are a result of a confrontation with another animal,” OPP stated.

“The investigation is being deemed complete pending new information that would cause further police involvement.”

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