City invites input on green bike lanes

Peterborough, ON, Canada / CHEX TV
City invites input on green bike lanes

The green bike lanes on George Street in Peterborough have officially opened. This protected cycling lane is one of two projects approved as part of the 2016 participatory budget project in Town Ward. It was initiated by Cam Douglas to explore how protected cycling lanes can help encourage cycling.

The George Street demonstration protected bike lane uses planters, rubber curbs and flexible bollards in the space between the cycling lane and the vehicle lane to provide physical separation between vehicles and people on bicycles. This approach is the most cost-effective way to implement a protected cycling lane on existing roads.

“The idea for this project came from seeing first-hand how protected cycling infrastructure looks and feels in other places. I feel much safer and enjoy riding more, especially with my family, where there is a physical separation between the bike lane and cars,” Douglas says.

Protected bike lanes use planters, curbs, parked cars or posts to physically separate bike and auto traffic on busy streets.  Protected lanes are an important element in a connected network of bike-friendly routes that cater to users of all skill levels.  Once that network is built, it makes riding a bike a pleasant and practical way for many more people (not just he bold or athletic) to make trips by bicycle.

The City would like feedback on the demonstration protected cycling lane from all road users. Please complete the online survey

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