Council gives casino project green light

Peterborough, ON, Canada / CHEX TV
Council gives casino project green light

On Monday night Peterborough city council gave the official green light to build the casino and hotel on Crawford Drive.
Construction on the Shorelines Casino Peterborough could begin as early as next month. There is, however, one big challenge still facing project managers:

It has been one of the most heated and debated topics at city council but after years and two council terms the casino site plan has been approved.

Councillor Andrew Beamer listed the positives of building the casino.

Beamer: I think everyone would acknowledge additional jobs, economic development, investment in infrastructure and tax revenues are positive things soI just wanted to mention that again tonight.

Despite opposition to the casino and its site adjacent to a provincially significant wetland , the Casino Watershed Task Force which formed to protect the natural environment was pleased to involved in the consultations of the site plan process despite their unease with this location.

Warren Dunlop: It may be too late to protect this vulnerable site but I am hopeful that the proposed mitigation plans will help protect what is left on the site and future, broader scale efforts will protect Peterborough’s remaining natural areas for future generations.

The task force listed a number of concerns like monitoring storm water runoff and other environmental concerns and feel they were heard.

But what remains is a legal matter as concerned citizen Roy Brady is taking the city to court claiming it violated the municipal act when council met behind closed doors to discuss the future casino site.

TCouncillor Diane Therrien asked if that legal matter should be addressed before voting but city solicitor Patricia Lester was missing from the table at the time and the question was referred to city CAO Allan Seabrooke.

Seabrooke: It is in the hands of our legal department and we will respond accordingly based on our legal advice.
off camera: Does that preclude us from moving forward, will there be repercussions depending on the outcome of that legal decision.

Seabrooke: I really couldn’t say right now until our legal counsel has had a chance to look at that.

At this point there is no court date set for the city and Brady’s appeal.

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