Banner raised for Lakers’ president Ted Higgins

Peterborough, ON, Canada / CHEX TV
Banner raised for Lakers' president Ted Higgins

Longtime Peterborough Century 21 Lakers president Ted Higgins was recognized Thursday night with his banner being lifted to the rafters of the Peterborough Memorial Centre.

Higgins has been a part of senior lacrosse on a number of levelsĀ for more th-11-vo-ted-higgins-banner-mxf-00_00_19_02-still002than five decades. And team presented him with a team jersey with the number 50.

An emotional Higgins was with his family for the event prior to the Lakers-Six Nations game. He thanked everyone for his journey and for all those who helped the Lakers’ organization to grow after a tumultuous first decade.

Higgins took over the Lakers in the mid-1990s and has helped lead to club to five Mann Cup national senior lacrosse titles.

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