City plans front yard parking ban

Peterborough, ON, Canada / CHEX TV
City plans front yard parking ban

If you park your car on your front lawn in Peterborough, you may have to rethink your parking spot.
Same goes if you have an RV or boat parked in your driveway.

As Sarah Deeth reports, the city is looking at new rules when it comes to where you can keep your vehicles – on your own property.

A homeowner’s right to park where they want?  Or an eyesore worthy of a $35 ticket?

“Honestly, I find this whole idea needlessly intrusive. Your property is your property.”

Northcrest Ward resident Amy Weight has this car parked on her front lawn. She says she’s never had a complaint from neighbours. And says parking on the grass is necessary when winter hits.

Amy Weight (Parks car on front lawn): ” Well because it’s so extremely steep, we’ve actually watched the car slowly slide down the driveway into the street, which is a hazard. Here you get more traction.”

But the city is thinking of creating a bylaw governing what residents can and can’t park in their driveways. And on their lawns.

That would include this vehicle taking up space on Weight’s front lawn.

Weight: “Honestly, if this comes into effect, we’re going to have to get rid of the second car and not have a second car anymore, with which three adults in the house and two kids, it’s just….Not doable.”

The bylaw wouldn’t stop there.  It also proposes banning things like boats from front lawns….
And RVs parked in driveways.

Resident Sofie Andreau says her family doesn’t have many options when itth-06-pkg-front-lawn-parking-mxf-00_01_36_20-still002 comes to finding another spot for their RV, currently sitting on the front lawn.

Andreau: “We have a pool in the backyard so there is no land in the backyard for an RV, and we have a full driveway of course, so we kind of created this little RV oasis right here, actually.”

Andreau says she would have to move their fence line in order to get the RV in the backyard…
And uproot all the hedges they planted in order to help shield the RV.

Andreau: “That’s what we would have to do. We’d have to incur the costs of moving the fence, because we don’t want to pay to have our RV elsewhere.”

Northcrest councillor Dave Haacke says he’s aware of concerns, and says the issue is a tricky one….
that boils down to property rights versus neighbourhood rights.


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