The Canadian Canoe Museum gets an upgrade

Peterborough, ON, Canada / CHEX TV
The Canadian Canoe Museum gets an upgrade

The Canadian Canoe Museum is upgrading their twelve television sets to fourteen new flat screens which will ultimately enhance exhibits throughout the museum.

“We have TV’S they are those big tube tv’s you know that weigh 50 pounds and have a giant back on them. And DVD players and VHS players so the new TV’s are great because we will be able to put all of our DVD’s and VHS tapes on USB sticks and then plug them right into the TV so it will be all one system,” says Development Manager at The Canadian Canoe Museum, Devon Bathurst.

The fourteen television sets were donated by Cogeco television. Cogeco’s David Feeley says they were inspired to donate the sets after visiting the museum and realizing technology here could use a revamp.

“A request came forward actually looking for support for that so all of a sudden it was like yes, let’s look into this a little deeper and really it all goes to enhance the programs and displays,” says Feeley.

The television sets vary in size depending on where they will be placed throughout the museum and will allow volunteers to change the content more frequently by the push of a few buttons.

“Each exhibit has a video playing that ties into what’s taking place in that exhibit. so for example in our bill mason exhibit, we have a feature its almost like a short biography about himself and his canoe trips. for example artisan and industry were using one of the screens to display stories that members and volunteers and guests are submitting on social media telling us their family canoe story. ”

The Canadian Canoe Museum hopes to donate the old sets and give back to the community. If you are in need of a tube television, feel free to contact The Canadian Canoe Museum. 

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