Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve surfed through our site but still have unanswered questions?
Perhaps our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will help you out.

Does CHEX broadcast a digital transmission?
Yes, check out our webpage: Digital and HD at CHEX TV for further information.

Can I obtain a copy of a news story?
Yes. The cost for a DVD or VHS news dub is $50.00 (fifty dollars), which includes GST ($3.05), PST, library search and retrieval, transfer time and tape/disc cost.  You may pay by cash, cheque or Visa, when you pick up the tape/DVD from our reception area at 743 Monaghan Road in Peterborough. Simply telephone us to make arrangements (705) 742-0451.

Do you give tours through the station?
Unfortunately, we do not provide individual tours.  We recently had an Open House for the public to tour the facility, however individual tours are not something we do (unless the individual knows an employee who is willing to – with approval – take the time to do it).

How can I find out about and apply for, employment positions within your company?
We have a link to the Corus Careers webpage located in the bottom menu bar on our web pages.

I was filmed, but didn’t end up your news/sports report… why?
A videographer may shoot more footage or a greater number of interviews than will appear in a final edited report. In the edit suite, segments may be left out of a video piece due to time constrants, editorial or technical considerations.

How does your signal get from Monaghan Road to your TV Hill tower?
The audio and video signal is converted and fed into fibre optic cable at our Production and Broadcast facility on Monaghan Road and routed to our transmitter facility on Television Hill east of the city.

I notice that CHEX is V-chip capable. How do you transmit the signal?
Yes, we are V-chip encoding as will all Canadian stations in the near future.  The CRTC has mandated that all Canadian stations encode V-chip on Line 21 with Closed Captioning. V-chip is an extended service encoded with CC. Text can be encoded as well as extended services (V-chip and program specific info). By the way, Canadian codes are different than American codes. This means that your decoder might not respond properly to all codes since the decoder is likely manufactured in the U.S. We believe the hardware manufacturers will correct conflict shortly.

Is CHEX available on any of the DBS satellites?
CHEX Peterborough is available on both the Canadian Direct to Home (DTH) satellites.  On Star Choice you will find us on channel 348 on the “classic guide” and channel 48 on the “advanced guide”. On Bell Expressvu, we are on channel 217.

I missed my favourite show last week, can I buy a tape copy?
We are sorry but the answer is no.  Contracts with our program suppliers are for on-air broadcast only.

Where do I send my child’s weather-related drawing?
You may mail your child’s weather-related drawing to:

c/o CHEX Television
743 Monaghan Road
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 5K2

I want to make a commercial for my business…
Great ! You can’t beat television for getting your message out.
Call our General Sales Manager, Brenda O’Brien at (705) 742-0451 extension 278.

I am looking for a videotaped performance circa 1968….
Unfortunately, the format of videotape used in that era was known in the industry as “two-inch Quad”, neither the tape or the huge refrigerator-sized vtrs used to play them exist today.  No recorded material from that time was archived, either in that tape format or transferred for archival purposes to a more current tape format.