Peterborough Police launch postcard campaign to prevent Canadian Revenue Agency scams

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Peterborough Police launch postcard campaign to prevent Canadian Revenue Agency scams

Peterborough police are cracking down on phone scams in the area.¬†Callers will pretend to be from the Canadian Revenue Agency…or they’ll pretend to be a loved one.
But as Lindsay Biscaia reports… a new postcard campaign has been launched to try and prevent future frauds.

SOT, Cst. Keith Calderwood:
“Our main message is; don’t make assumptions about people who fall for this fraud and scam. You are their next target.”
And that’s what the post cards read…

“The post cards are free. And they’re available at our station as well if you ever need one. And if you just want to mail it to someone who you think would benefit from it that would be very much appreciated.”
The new postcard campaign was launched Monday morning in east city.¬†Peterborough Police say they get up to 40 reports a DAY from people who say they’ve been scammed over the phone by someone claiming to be from the Canadian Revenue Agency.
The person will ask for personal information, and will resort to scare tactics to get people to pay.
Peter Williams:
“No legitimate caller who’s from a reputable agency would ever do that to somebody so that’s one of your first signs, if they’re trying to intimidate you, you should just hang up.”
According tor Williams … from January to August of 2016, 32 people in our area fell victim to the scams and lost anywhere between 15,000 to $56,000.00.
“I have, I’ve gotten about 2 or 3 actually. They’re very aggressive, they’re kinda scary if you don’t know it’s a scam it sounds quite believable.”
“I’ve heard that there’s quite a few who are targeting pensioners, but I’ll let my grand parents know to be careful about that kinda thing.”
“It was about 2 months ago. I never let him get far enough. He said that I owed them money and that I was to do something to repay it. And he offered some kind of an incentive as well.”
“Williams says these scams can also come in the form of e-mail or text message. But he says the problem with the phone calls is that the caller can make matters seem much more urgent, and the caller can be much more aggressive.

Lindsay Biscaia, CNW, Peterborough”


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