Port Hope cracks down on illegal fishing at this year’s salmon run

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Port Hope cracks down on illegal fishing at this year's salmon run

Anglers beware – this fall the municipality of Port Hope will be cracking down on illegal fishing.

The Ganaraska River is known as one of the finest fishing rivers in the province…
And every fall hundreds of people visit port hope to fish during the salmon run.
But at last year’s run, Mayor, Bob Sanderson, says they saw a lot of abuse and disrespect from out-of-town visitors who came to fish.
Sanderson says fish were being snagged… and at the end of the run… the town had to clean up hundreds of carcasses.
This year, the town will have a zero-tolerance approach to abuse, and has new signs posted in English..French… and Mandarin.
On top of that, Sanderson says both local police and officials with the ministry of natural resource will be on scene…


“And not everybody is going to be in uniform. There will be people who are undercover basically if you want to call it that. There’s no excuse for somebody to come and say well I didn’t know. That’s not going to work for us, so I think with the amount of communication we’re putting out there, people will hopefully have to respect the municipality’s attempt. If for some reason we aren’t as successful, we’ll be going to the ministry and hoping to maybe close off a couple of these pools down to fishing – make them sanctuaries.”


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