Bridgenorth woman swimming entire TSW for Sick Kids Hospital

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It has been anything but a dip in the water for Trudy Wilson this summer. The Bridgenorth woman is swimming the entire Trent-Severn Waterway raising money for a cause that’s truly dear to her heart.
Greg Davis caught up with her at Lock 24 in Douro this morning and has this report:

From algae blooms, to zebra mussels to waves, Trudy Wilson has swam through it all.

Wilson: Different challenges each leg of the journey but very rewarding and enriching along the way as well.

With each stroke wilson is one step closer to completing her 386 kilometre swim through the entire Trent-Severn Waterway.

It’s all in support of the Lauren Taylor wilson fund – a $25,000 dollar pledge for Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Lauren was Wilson’s first child who died two days after birth in May 1998.

And wilson never forgot the support from hospital staff.

Wilson: My situation didn’t end up happy but it’s my hope that even one child or one mother doesn’t have to go through what i went through…it’s all worth it.

The Bridgenorth realtor took the plunge in late June at Lock 45 at Port Severn. She’s averaging around 12 kilometres per day but had a setback with the death of her mother. Wilson also struggles with leg and back spasms but she’s persevering.

Wilson: I remind myself that the children that are in the hospital. What they endure on the daily basis and their days aren’t always sure…this is nothing.

She’s been assisted by boaters on her trek including Pat Mahoney whose daughter was a patient at Sick Kids in her early teens dealing with Addison’s disease

Pat: She’s perfectly normally now but it was a terrifying experience so this is a cause that’s pretty close to my family too.

To date nearly $15,000 has been raised through more than 240 kilometres which includes portages since she is not permitted to swim in the locks. She hopes to finish in Trenton within three weeks.

To donate visit:

Wilson: Sometimes I’m just counting strokes and there’s not a lot going on but at times when i have to dig deep i have to think about the children – they’re the real heroes with what they have to deal with on a daily basis.

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