Trent University prepares for first week of school

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Trent University prepares for first week of school

Starting next Tuesday, Trent University will be welcoming its largest intake of new students in years. As Steve Guthrie tells us, Orientation Week allows new students to familiarize themselves with all aspects of university life before classes begin.


It may be quiet today, but more than 25 hundred new students will be descending on Trent University’s Nassau campus Tuesday for Orientation Week


Sako Khederlarian, Orientation Coordinator

“We have 100 different events running throughout the entire week, starts off with ‘Move in Day’ with off-campus students on Sunday, and we have many activities for off-campus students that day and running throughout the week”

“The main thing is academic preparedness, as well as community building, letting students know the different services available for them on campus”


Thursday, students can learn about 9 of the most popular downtown restaurants when they set up shop on campus  for the Flavours of Peterborough Food Festival.


Sarena Favaro, Summer College Ambassador, Otonabee College

“Some colleagues and myself thought it would be a great idea to have a food festival on campus. So the goal of the event is to get students, staff and faculty acquainted with downtown businesses, so we really just want to foster the relationship between Trent University and the downtown Peterborough Community.”


Students can choose which activities to take part in but one is mandatory.  All students will be required to attend a session on the prevention of sexual assault


Waleska Vernon, Director of Student Transitions and Careers.

“Students are encouraged to think about becoming an Upstander. Meaning not sitting by while something that could be sexually violent in nature is happening around them.  So it’s about protecting themself, protecting their friends from experiencing it and protecting their friends from perpetuating it because that’s part of the danger of the ignorance of it because some students may not be aware that some of the acts they are engaging in might be sexually violent toward others.”


More than 160 senior students, faculty and staff are involved in creating and running Orientation week every year.


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