Students across region head back to school

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Students across region head back to school

If you’re a parent or a student, this was a day that came with a lot of mixed emotions. It was the first day back to school following summer vacation. Sarah Deeth caught up with kids¬†Tuesday¬†morning:

The sun is breaking over Roger Neilson public school,
and signs up a new school year are everywhere as back-pack clad students make their way to class.
And for these students, a new school year means a lot to look forward to.
“I’m excited for my history class,” one student said.
“Probably the Canada’s wonderland trip that we do at the end of the year,” another said.
“I’m really excited,” said another.
“All my classes and stuff, but I have nothing to worry about this year.”
“We’re really well known for our cooking program so I’m excited, yeah.”
“I’m looking forward to everything.”
But for many parents, the first day back carries a little more emotion.
“It’s kind of bittersweet, to go back to school for the first day, we’ve had so much fun for the summer,” one mom said, holding her daughter’s hand.
“A little bit relieved, a little bit excited for her, and yeah, a little bit sad that she’s going back,” one parent said.
And Tuesday marks a new year for educators.
Officials with the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board say this year brings a new focus on student well being and the education experience as a whole.
“Academics are, of course, very, very important, but the physical activity, the emotional well being, the social engagement that those students have with peers, with staff, with teachers, is really, really important,” said Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board director Rusty Hick.
And as all these students board buses or take their morning walk to school,
Peterborough police are reminding everyone to slow down and be patient around school zones.
“Work out your routine the night before. Because my goodness, zipping around the next day might just be a tragedy. And we want everyone to have a great fall. We want everyone to have a great year,” Const. Sean Nusink said.

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