Marijuana smoking age should be 21: Canadian Medical Association

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Marijuana smoking age should be 21: Canadian Medical Association

21 years old.
That’s the legal age suggested by the Canadian Medical Association when it comes to
smoking marijuana.
A report by the national organization says consuming marijuana at a young age could harm brain development.
“There is good evidence to show cognitive impairment, reduced school attainment and even chronic psychosis among some pre-disposed users,” Peterborough Public Health’s Medical officer of Health Dr. Rosana Salvaterra said.
Salvaterra says the age recommendation is all about harm reduction…
That our brains continue to develop until we’re 25 years old.
But the medical officer of health says setting a legal smoking age of 25…
would be very difficult.
“It’ll only create a black market and really impose great difficulty in enforcement. So 21 is a trade off,” she said.
The recommendation comes as no surprise to marijuana advocate Wayne Matheson,
who says he always thought 21 would be the recommended age.
“But that being said, people at the age of 18 are adults, and they should make their own decision on what they’re going to do with their body,” Matheson said.
And it seems Peterborough residents support some sort of age restriction.
“I think it’s to set the age as the same as the legal age of drinking and have consistency,” one woman said.

“I think in terms of drugs people should know how they feel and how they affect them by 21,” one man said.

But one man wanted to see the age limit increase, telling Newswatch, “The later the better.”
Another thought any restriction would make little difference.  “Oh, maybe 18. Though I think kids are going to be smoking marijuana younger than that, no matter what the law is.”
“I think 18 or 19 makes more sense,” another woman said.
The Canadian government plans to table it’s marijuana legislation in the spring.

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