‘Strongman’ Kevin Fast pulls truck at Warkworth Fair

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
'Strongman' Kevin Fast pulls truck at Warkworth Fair

The weather held up for the annual Warkworth Fall Fair this weekend…

And this year, the small town had a special world record breaking guest.

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It’s the 166th Warkworth Fall Fair… with lots of different attractions.

But the highlight this year was….

SOT – Kevin Fast yells

The truck pull, with Strongman world record holder, Kevin Fast.

SOT – Fast yelling, crowd cheering


“I’ve always loved strength, I’ve loved reading strength stories and I’ve always loved testing my own strength, and I kinda wanna be the best in the world so I went after it.”

Fast has broken over 25 world records … including pulling a C-17 plane at the Trenton Air Force Base.


“And it weighed 416,299 pounds. It’s the biggest thing that’s ever been pulled in the history of the world.”

Fast also pulls other planes, trucks and even HOUSES… to raise money and awareness for various issues.

But today… pulling the grain truck was simply for a good show.

SOT – finishes pulling

And it did not disappoint..


“I couldn’t believe it! Cause he doesn’t look like a huge huge guy, but man he could do it.”

“It was pretty amazing to see him pull a big huge truck like that. It was not something that we see every day here in Warkworth.”

“I just thought it was amazing, I can’t believe he did that.”

Fast was asked to come out to the fair by organizers… who say it fits right in with what they’re trying to promote.

President, Percy Agricultural Society, Greg Torrance:

‘We’re trying to make sure that we maintain our focus on agriculture. and that’s what we’re looking at. Of course, pulling a grain truck has something to do with agriculture.”

Fast will be in Peterborough Friday to throw his weight around at the Fire Truck Pull for Alzheimer’s.

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