New $9.5M animal shelter in Peterborough to have unique services

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

At Lang Pioneer Village today, Peterborough County council heard details about the proposed new animal shelter to be built in Peterborough’s west end.

And as Greg Davis reports, the facility will have services not offered anywhere else in Canada.

For 30 years Enid Hannon has worked at the Peterborough Humane Society – a shelter she says is now cramped and

Hannon, supervisor: “We don’t have the proper holding areas for quarantine for sick animals, for investigations, so yes we need to expand for the proper facilities.”

The humane society says the need for a new shelter is urgent. That was the pitch they and the Ontario SPCA made to county council for support for a new $9.5-million facility which would include a provincial dog rehabilition centre … the first of its kind in Canada.

Andrew Fraser, PHS executive director: “It’s time to make this leap in animal welfare and this will be a beacon of hope for animals in need all across the province.”
The new shelter will be built on 20 acres of land on Technology Drive. The rehab centre will help injured and problematic canines and include an aqua-therapy pool, underwater treadmill, outdoor courses and even a family living room setting.

Tanya Firmage, OSPCA chief of humane programs/community outreach: That’s a really critical piece, believe it or not, because many of the dogs that will go through the centre have never had an opportunity go to a home so we will have an opportunity to teach them how to do that. ”

The shelter will include a large adoption centre and regional spay/neuter clinic along with public viewing of most services – all potential interests for tourists.

Firmage: For example being removed in an investigation where your emotional needs haven’t been met, to becoming available for adoption – that process will be heartwarming for most. Being able to see that… I would drive to see that. ”

This spring the city agreed to donate 1.5 million dollars over five years. County council agreed to review a request for 500,000 dollars. There’s 4 million dollars left to raise to hopefully have shovels in the ground next year.

Chris White, campaign chair: Peterborough is a very philanthropic community and very giving. and we’ve seen that in recent campaigns. This is the first time we’ve gone out to ask for support for animal welfare and this is really big for Peterborough.”

Hannon: it’s going to be amazing, top of the line. it’s going to be wonderful the staff and the animals and for the public to come view the animals.
Greg Davis CHEX Newswatch Peterborough

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