Big vision for Bethune St. overhaul

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)

A $24-million renovation of Bethune Street in Peterborough is in the works.  Sarah Deeth has the details:

Public art murals…
A curling rink…
Community gardens…
These are all potential possibilities for what could lie in Bethune Street’s future.
“It’s always sort of been a forgotten street ever since the grand trunk railroad pulled up the lines and moved out of there. The industrial past is still hanging around,” Town Ward councillor Dean Pappas said.
The city is tearing up Bethune Street to fix the sewers underneath.
A 24 million dollar project that includes federal and provincial funding and will stretch along Bethune Street from Dublin Street to Townsend Street.
And some of that money will be used in the street’s cosmetic overhaul once they put the street back together.
“What this will do is create a space where we can put some programming in. So as we redesign the road we’re creating a space to put some of these ammenities in,” Pappas said.
The proposal calls for curling rinks by the basketball court on Simcoe Street.
Space for public art between Charlotte and Simcoe Street….
And an ampitheatre and toboggan hill on a currently unpaved section behind the Long and McQuade building near Townsend St.
And it also calls for a section between Hunter Street and Simcoe Street to be open only to cyclists and pedestrians.
It’s a big plan…
And it seems to have the support of most residents.
“Bethune Street is pretty ripped up from traffic going in and out.”
“I’m sure there are statistics out there that say green space and art space is good for people’s health, so yes, I think it’s a good idea.”
“It’s been pretty run down, and has a pretty bad reputation, so yeah, it would be a good idea.”
“I think Lansdowne Street needs that.”
The plan will be presented to city councillors in November.

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