Repair dispute leaves Lindsay pub in the dark

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A Lindsay business and some tenants say they’ve been left in the dark after the building lost power a month ago and repairs have yet to be resolved.

And as Greg Davis reports, it’s costing them thousands of dollars:

The Cat & The Fiddle pub in Lindsay remains open… powered for the past month by an electrical generator

Owner Lisa Miller: We are not trying to use our air conditioning, trying to keep the lights low as possible because the generator keeps going up and down.”

Iin late august the building at the corner of Peel and William Street North lost power forcing the pub to close for a day.

A faulty underground wire was to blame – but who is responsible for repairs remains in dispute.

Both Hydro One and City of Kawartha Lakes staff argue it’s the building owner’s duty.

Miller says the owner is refuting that.

Last week the city ordered the repairs to be done in a month or the owner could face a $50,000 fine.

It’s all left Miller in the middle still renting the generator.

Miller: If this goes another month, that will be another 8,000. Look at the electrical – I had to pay an electrician to get this all hooked up so i’m looking at 20,000 my insurance wouldn’t cover it.

According to tenants who live above the pub… another outage on Saturday knocked out their power. They say the owner has since added his own generator.

Our calls and emails to building owner John Lee of Cobourg were not returned. An appeal process could run into late November.
Miller: That’s another 12 to 13 thousand dollars. I don’t think legally we can even keep a generator going at the side of the building that long. I’ve been told it’s a temporary fix and that some resolution has to come out of this.

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