New expansion to library addition

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
New expansion to library addition

Peterborough council’s committee of the whole met Monday evening. And on the agenda was a last-minute addition to the library renovation that comes with a price tag of almost half a million dollars.
Sarah Deeth has the details:

“It’s the most used building in the city, certainly in the central area,” said city councillor Keith Riel.
And on Monday city councillors debated turning that popular building into an even bigger draw.
The Peterborough Library is undergoing a 12 million dollar overhaul.
In March the city opted to buy the building at the corner of Aylmer and Simcoe streets, a purchase made after the library renovation was already underway.
Now the architect working on the project has come up with a plan to use the space, bulldozing the building and turning the corner into a small parkette,
complete with gardens, seats, more parking and accessible entrances.
For councillor and library board member Keith Riel,
it’s an opportunity too good to pass up.
“And certainly it’ll enhance that whole corner that really needs dressing up. Yes, it’s expensive but it’s part of a project that we hope will enhance the downtown,” Riel said.

But not everyone is sold on it, considering the five hundred thousand dollar price tag.

Downtown councillor Dean Pappas was reluctant to move the project forward, saying that it was too soon to be spending next year’s tax money without seeing 2017’s bottom line.

“We get our budget documents in roughly four weeks, three to four weeks we’ll get the budget. So once we get the budget we can say, ‘oh, it’s going to fit in here, or there might be room for the project,” he said.
The plan will have to be approved by city council before it moves ahead.

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