Cannabis Culture re-opens

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
Cannabis Culture re-opens

Peterborough’s pot shop is open for business.
Less than 2 weeks after a police raid landed the store’s operator and an employee of Cannabis Culture in jail.
But now, employees say the store isn’t going anywhere.
Mark Giunta reports.

It’s 10 in the morning…
And Cannibis Culture is lined up out the door.
It’s opened for the first time in nearly 2 weeks following a police raid.

And staff here say the store isn’t going anywhere…

Maranda Gallant – employee
“Cannabis Culture has been here awhile. We’re here to stay. What they’re doing, wasting taxpayers money, is ridiculous. We’re going to keep re-opening.”

Maranda Gallant is an employee here.
Back on September 15th, Gallant and the store’s operator Richard Standen were arrested after police raided the shop.
The raid captured the attention of Cannabis Culture founder and Canada’s “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery, who came to Peterborough earlier this month to protest.
Under his release conditions, Standen isn’t allowed back at the store.
As for Gallant, she doesn’t have those conditions…

“As employees, we all know the risk of being here. We’re all okay with that.”

Right now, it is illegal to sell marijuana without a license.
Health Canada has approved 34 licensed producers for medical marijuana.
Peterborough’s Cannabis Culture is not licensed.


Peterborough Police issued the following statement today:

The Peterborough Police Service is aware that the business at 382 George Street North re-opened this morning (Sept. 27). We will continue to monitor the situation.

There are laws in effect to control the sale and purchase of marijuana in Canada. Under current marijuana laws, the role of our Police Service remains enforcement of the current law. Those who breach those laws can be charged with criminal offences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Currently Health Canada has approved 34 licensed cannabis producers. Individuals with a physician’s prescription can make a legal purchase through one of these licensed producers.

There are presently two persons related to the business at 382 George Street North who have been criminally charged for operating an illegal Cannabis dispensary. Their cases are still before the court therefore we cannot speak in any detail about this business. At this time there is no further comment.

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