Running for a cure for 17 years

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Running for a cure for 17 years

“Big C is Big C, no matter which one it is.”
Johanne Maddison is no stranger to cancer.
She’s had uncles and brothers fight it. She remembers when her mother and aunts fought their battles.
“At the same time they both had cancer. So both would sit at the table with no hair. My mom passed away my aunt survive another five years,” she said.
During a trip to the bank almost 17 years ago, Maddison says she saw a way to make a difference.
“One day I walk into the CIBC and I see the brochure, and I grab one. And I wanted to do something and that’s what I did, I did run for the cure.”
That first year Maddison raised six hundred dollars for the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation.
The next year she started her own team, the Dream Angels.
16 years later, the team is still going strong, and has raised funds totalling more than two hundred and thirty thousand dollars to date.
This year alone Maddison says they’ll bring in around twenty thousand dollars.
“I got all kinds of women, young, older, any age.And we’re all together raising money,” Maddison said of her running mates.
And if won’t just be her team mates and friends joining her in Del Crary Park Sunday morning.
Maddison has turned Run for the Cure into a family event. Husband Dave will be there Saturday to help set up, and marshal runners along the route.
“It’s a big thing, to help out everybody for the Run for the Cure, and everybody who has cancer,” Dave said.
And her grandchildren will have their hands full both on race day, and the day before.
“Set up!” They chimed in unison.
Run for the Cure is open to all ages, and Maddison says it’s an event everyone should try, at least once.
“You will enjoy it. It’s a good spirit in the park on Sunday. Everyone is happy, and it’s a good feeling, to see all that,” Maddison said.
Anyone interested in taking part in Run for the Cure can sign up online or come to Del Crary Park Sunday morning.
Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. The Run starts just after 10.

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