Town hall meeting discusses changes coming to Northcrest Ward area

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Two Northcrest Ward councillors held a town hall meeting tonight at Edmison Heights Public School- focusing on sports development and recreation in the north end.

They also announced some potential future plans for Barnardo Park.

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Rec Department, Rob Anderson:

“Splash pads come with a fairly hefty price tag, so putting them in everybody’s neighbourhood park is not a doable thing.”

But Barnardo Park might just be one of the lucky ones that DOES see a splash pad within the next year or two.

Ken Doherty and Rob Anderson from the City’s recreation department gave the presentation Wednesday.

Anderson says the City had the ability to apply for grant money to change the wading pool at Barnardo Park to a splash pad.


“We put the application in, it was due just a couple of weeks ago, and so now we wait to see if we’re successful.”

Anderson says if the application DOES go through, the project would start in the fall of 2017.

Another hot topic on the agenda was the new twin-pad arena slated to be built on land that Trent University donated to the City.

The new complex would be replacing Northcrest Arena… which – according to Doherty – is on its last legs.


“It is literally on life support systems right now.”

Doherty says the concrete pad beneath the ice has cracked and shifted.

At the moment, the plan for the new complex also includes a pool, because Doherty says there ARE enough pools in the community to meet current demand.

But he says the department needs to find SOME ONEY FIRST.


“And if we can, then the pool is part of faze one. If we can’t find the extra funding, then unfortunately we’re gonna have to push out the pool a little bit. So hopefully we keep it in faze one.”

Stand up:

“In tonight’s meeting, residents had the chance to ask questions, and also give some input as to what they’d like to see in the new building.”


“Do you know if any local architects are being used?Or engineering firms?”

“Are you looking at solar panels, green architecture?”

“Is it revenue neutral?”

Doherty says the complex is a 33-million dollar proposition.

The pool would add another 13-million on top of that.

Doherty estimates they’ll be going to council with the plans on November 7th.

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