City to look into provincial request for an EA for The Parkway extension

Peterborough, ON, Canada / (CHEXTV)
City to look into provincial request for an EA for The Parkway extension

It’s an issue that’s making headlines again…
The Parkway.
City council is now asking its staff to determine what the province wants when it comes to a new environmental assessment.
And once again, council is divided.
Mark Giunta reports.

It’s been a few weeks since the province pushed The Parkway extension project back by saying it wanted a new environmental assessment.
And now, council is asking staff to look into it.

Mayor Daryl Bennett:
“We’re anxious to figure out what the province intends for us to do. We have legislated responsibilities in “Places to Grow”, so it’s going to be interesting to tie it together with some workable solution going forward.”

The proposal for The Parkway is to extend it north… which could include crossing over Jackson Park.
But the Peterborough Greenspace Coalition says council shouldn’t be jumping to this conclusion.

Cam Douglas – Peterborough Greenspace Coalition:
“What we need to look at is a suite of transportation options that when you put them together, it looks at transportation needs, without paving over green space.”

Councillor Diane Therrien echoed that response.
She was one of four councillors to vote against the recommendation Monday night.

Coun. Diane Therrien:
“There should be a transportation master plan and a transportation review happening anyways. For me, I didn’t want to tie that all into this report. The Parkway has taken so long, we need to start moving forward anyways.”

The City has 80-thousand dollars set aside if it needs to have further outside consultation on the matter.
But first… the city staff report…
Which is expected to take some time to complete.

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